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Richard (Toby) Coke

North-West Norfolk

Richard (Toby) Coke (formerly prosepective parliamentary candidate for Mid Norfolk) is the UKIP Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for North West Norfolk.

Anna Hamilton is now the prospective parliamentary candidate for UKIP Mid Norfolk.

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UKIP North West Norfolk

Norfolk County Council Elections 2nd May 2013

UKIP has the following candidates standing:

  • Clenchwarton and King’s Lynn South - Jason Edwards
  • Dersingham - Irene Ramsbotham
  • Freebridge Lynn - Neville Manley
  • Gayton and Nar Valley - Richard Toby Coke
  • Gaywood North and Central - James Parsons
  • Gaywood South - Michael Stone
  • Marshland North - Stephen Agnew
  • North Coast - John Crane

If you are happy with the status quo you should vote for one of the old failed parties. It will make absolutely no difference which one you vote for as there is practically no difference between them.

They all stand for:

The absurd overseas aid budget, which gives many despots a clear conscious to buy arms and build palaces for themselves, safe in the knowledge that the good old British taxpayer will pick up the tab for looking after their own people.

The pathetic obsession with global warming and the disastrous Climate Change Act, resulting in the utterly useless renewable energy program, with the end result that millions of families are faced with the stark choice of HEAT or EAT and energy intensive industries are forced to relocate overseas. Expect the black outs to come soon.

Continued membership of the European Union and subservience to the European Court of Human Rights.

The only debate appears to be which tax to raise to maintain the status quo and keep the political elites' snouts in the trough, with the odd interference of malign legislation such as gay marriage – apparently essential to the "modern" Conservative party if they are to win the next election!

This country is no longer in charge of its borders. You can be sure that a huge number of unskilled workers will be heading our way from 1st January 2014 from Bulgaria and Romania. As I said in my talks before the 2010 General Election the only thing that was guaranteed was tax rises and cutting the defence budget. Sadly this has been exactly what has happened along with a projected doubling of the nations debt from £750billion to £1.5trillion by 2015. This government's attitude towards our armed forces is a total disgrace. Meanwhile utterly useless quangoes, such as the Racial & Equality Board continue to thrive.

UKIP's vision is a future where this Country has left the EU and reverted to a free trade agreement with our European friends and we are once again in control of own destiny. This would be a huge boost to our economy and job creatio as red tape and bureaucratic excess becomes a thing of the past. UKIP would have the smallest government payroll possible and let free enterprise flourish, where government is for the people of the nation to prosper not for the hand wringing political elite to maintain the status quo.

If you want change on 2nd May you must vote for UKIP and common sense. We are the only party who will implement change. You should no longer believe the empty rhetoric of the old parties. Remember the lies they have all told you in the past.


UKIP Councillors will fight against the Conservative controlled NCC decision to build an incinerator. It must be emphasised that UKIP’s long standing manifesto policy of binding local referenda would have ensured that this project would never have got onto the drawing board. UKIP does support King's Lynn Borough Council's plans to build an anaerobic digestion plant that produces an inert building material with no pollution.

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